Group Therapy

Dr. Turndorf says, “My group will help you heal the wounds that keep you unfulfilled in life and love and guide you to prosper financially.

I have 20 years post-doctoral group therapy training. I studied with Lou Ormont, the father of modern group psychoanalysis. Lou studied under Hyman Spotnitz who, himself, was trained by Sigmund Freud.”

People who are successful in group are successful in life.

Group is your “second chance” family!

For most people, entering a group is a terrifying prospect. Worse than root canal!

Of course TV and movies fuel the terror by depicting group members as brutal and attacking.

What’s more, for most of us our first group experience was in our first families. So of course we’re scared to enter another group. We naturally expect our group therapy experience to be just as painful.

Not my groups!

In my groups, you will experience the love and support you lacked in your first family. These relationships are the soil for your growth and healing.

Why Group Works Miracles

One generally thinks of group treatment as the preferred modality for clients grappling with a particular trauma, such as loss or grief, or for those who lack social skills and/or are feeling socially isolated. In my experience, group therapy can actually be as more effective than individual psychotherapy in treating many psychiatric disorders.

Unlike individual therapy, group therapy triggers multiple transferences. Patients instantly feel as though they are with their parents and siblings. This explains why group has been dubbed the “Second Chance Family,” because patients find themselves recapitulating and then healing troubled family of origin relationships. Group frees patients from the chains of childhood in miraculous ways.

Participants also obtain feedback about how other members’ experience them. Feedback on how they come across enables members to discover counterproductive and maladaptive patterns that are impeding their present day relationships at work and at home. This feedback enables members to relate more effectively, which improves their productivity and performance at work. Relationships with co-workers, friends, family members, and spouses dramatically improve as a result.

Group also helps resolve defenses and resistances to strong emotions, including feelings of anger. Unearthing buried anger results in the resolution of various mood disorders including depression and anxiety (which are themselves often caused by repressed rage).

The structure of group (the mandate to put thoughts and feelings into words, not action) allows patients suffering from affect dysregulation and impulse control disorders to appropriately verbalize their feelings and, as a consequence, function better outside the group.

Groups that I currently run:

Mondays 6-7:30PM Millbrook NY

A loving group of men and women who support each other  as they resolve various emotional, relationship and work related problems.

Wednesdays 7:30-9PM Woodstock NY

A supportive and loving group of men and women who work together to master various emotional, relationship and work related problems.

Thursdays 6-7:30PM Millbrook NY

A supportive and loving group of women who work together to resolve various emotional, relationship and work related problems.

Call for an initial consultation to familiarize me with your issues, which will allow me to determine the right group for you!