Grief Therapy

Dr. Turndorf says: “Traditional Western grief therapy leaves the bereaved at a greater loss. My revolutionary approach invites people to reconnect (and make peace, if needed) rather than say goodbye.”

Emile Jean Pin, my beloved husband and life-partner of 27 years, recently died of a bee sting. For most of his life, Jean had been one of the most famous Jesuit priests in history. He was professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University (the University of the Vatican), a social advocate and researcher.

Since the night of his bodily death, Jean has been coming to me in spirit form. His repeated manifestations (often in front of witnesses) have proven to me that spirit lives-on and that relationships are not meant to end with bodily death.

As a result of my experiences with him, I’ve created my new grief therapy method that guides the bereaved to reconnect without the assistance of a medium, channeler or psychic.

My Trans-Dimensional grief therapy method drastically diverges from the traditional Western therapeutic approach (grieve, let go and move on), which often leaves the bereaved at an even greater loss. By contrast, my method guides people to reconnect rather than say goodbye. During this past few years, I have been assisting the grieving to do just this and the healing that has resulted is astonishing.

Who Needs to Reconnect with the Deceased?

Reconnecting is a lifeline, especially for elderly widows and widowers who are isolated and unlikely to form another primary relationship.

People who have a lost a loved one to sudden, tragic illness or accidents also need a chance to reconnect and say farewell.

Likewise, parents who have lost children and children who have lost parents also desperately need to reconnect and stay connected.

Reconnecting is vital also for those who harbor resentment toward someone who has died. Traditional therapy offers no assistance for such clients.

Using a technique I’ve created called, Dialoguing with the Departed, I am delighted to say that it’s never too late to heal wounds, resolve resentments, make peace and repair a damaged relationship with someone who has passed over. In this back and forth dialogue, old resentments and wounds are miraculously healed. As one patient rightly told me, “I wish my mother would hurry up and die so we can work it out!”

I also show clients how to cast off the training wheels and establish their own direct communication with those who have passed. Learning how to communicate with loved ones in spirit is easier than one thinks. First I show how to create a “State of Receptivity,” which includes stilling the mind and breathing. Spirit is born on the breath. Next I cultivate awareness by outlining the often-overlooked signs of spiritual presence in one’s life. Oftentimes, just becoming aware of the signs of spirit presence is sufficient to initiate reconnection. Most people are astounded to discover that their loved ones have been present all along, waiting patiently for them to open the door of their hearts.

I look forward to helping you transform your grief to joy.

My eternal love story and new grief therapy method is presented in my number 1 International Bestseller Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.