I’m known as a last resort therapist. People from all over the world come to me after they’ve tried many other therapists.

Using my Core Therapy™ method, I reach into the deepest recesses of the soul, identifying and uprooting the physical, spiritual and emotional “weeds” that block people from experiencing joyful relationships and fulfilling work.

I am Director of the Center for Emotional Communication, out of which I’ve been working with individuals, families, couples and groups for nearly 30 years.

Speaking of groups, I have more than 15 years of post-doctoral group therapy training.

I was told recently that my ministry is connecting souls. I help people overcome the blocks to fully loving themselves and others.

I am extremely accepting, nonjudgmental, gentle yet firm, caring, real and down-to-earth. People feel instantly comfortable with me. In no time, you will feel that we’ve known each other forever. Your healing will grow out of the strong connection and bond I form with you.

Modalities: Individual, families, couples and groups.

Treatment Population: I work with bi-sexual and gay men and women of all ages. I’m also very skilled in play therapy and treat children of all ages.

Animals: I help all types of animals overcome a variety of fears and phobias.

Alternative Health Expert: I work with the entire person, often helping people improve physical concerns.

Treatment Issues: I don’t label or diagnose people, which feels dehumanizing and limiting.

I free people suffering with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, fears and phobias, survivors of childhood abuse, post traumatic stress disorders, impulse and anger control issues, bereavement and grief, low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse victims and perpetrators, relationship distress and conflict, parenting problems and career dissatisfaction.

Methodology: I work in a very fluid way, blending various techniques and methods, including psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive and alternative therapies. My work also incorporates energetic therapies.

I am author of the critically acclaimed book Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love’s 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship. The book was endorsed by two NY Times #1 Bestselling authors, John Gray author of Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus and John Bradshaw, author of Homecoming, and Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. John Mack.